5 Amazing Advances in Medical Tech

With technology rapidly evolving across all industries some of the most interesting and important advances have come in the medical field. From cutting edge disease research to new and improved medical devices the progress that has been made is absolutely astounding. We have compiled a list of 5 of  amazing new advancements in medical science:

1. PoNS – the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command along with the NeuroHabilitation Corporation and University of Wisconsin-Madison are breaking ground in neuroscience. They have created the “PoNS” device which could be a game changer for people suffering from brain trauma. The way the technology works is by using the nerve bundles from the tongue that connect to the brain to repair injured areas. The technology may be able to treat Parkinson’s as well as a host of other brain disorders.

2. Veti-Gel – a student at New York University has created a gel that is able to stop bleeding. Because there are not many reliable ways to stop bleeding this gel is hugely important. It works by activating the body’s coagulation system to form a stronger clot once it has been applied. The gel can then be easily removed after the bleeding has stopped.

3. Printing Bones- the 3D printer may turn out to be the most important invention of the 21st century. Its application has been felt all over and the medical industry is getting in on the action as well. Researchers at Washington State University have developed a bone like material as a model. This model has nearly the same properties and structure as our natural bone. This has been achieved by using the 3D printer ProMetal. Doctors simply place the model where the fracture is and wait for your bone to naturally grow around it. Once the new bone grows the model breaks down safely.

4. Recycling Urine into Brain Cells – you may be wondering if you just read that correctly, and yes you most definitely did. The Chinese Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health have conducted research in which they convert waste cells into retroviruses which then turn into progenitor cells. These progenitor cells are then used by our body as the beginnings of new brain cells. The application of this research will help with brain damage and other brain related issues.

5. Artificial Cell Mimicry – Medical researchers are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the ability to grow spare parts for our failing human bodies. This has now gotten to the cellular level with a gel that is able to mimic different cells in the body. This gel will replace the cytoskeleton in a cell which is the cells skeleton. This will allow damaged cells to regenerate while they are protected from harmful bacteria.

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